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Slavisa Sandic
Svaka čast za Nisveta Čaju sa Konjem Rubinom
njegos p
@isaiah Orozco This a competition in former yugoslavia where man pair up 
horses and compete how far logs can be pulled in matter of time. People 
still log this way in forests in Ex Yugoslavia where machines can't reach 
deep into forests to extract logs. I have seen people in US do the same 
type of horse loging but slightly different.
tumato pasta
Making horses pull logs what were you trying to show us the horses are 
strong we now that but making horses pull logs you guys are sick and 
Delijaboy 995
Dobro pjevaju, bravo 
Lijep snimak!!! :D 
Comi Smekhs
Hhahahaha i na kraju Prc Milojko .. xD hahahahah Zena car .. :P
Galileyo Davidof
VeS v
staje konja