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Itachi Uchiha
Suscribing you...
Amirul Amin Aliasgar
dead mod with dead link. can anyone give me another link to download?
Eddie Persson
Which stats do ur computer got to have to play this game?? 
Luther De Gladstone
Wow impressing. How are the servers populated pls ? I want to play it in 
multi - I'm from Crpg.
michael brown
how do install the mod
Love to play as uruk-hai motherfucker ^.^
Ricky Szaki
Oh shit, the music and that horse charge... gave me goosebumps.
yes i kinda agree but it is a good concept.
Alec Vanieris
would love to get this IF THERE SITE HADN'T EXPLODED!!!!
Steven Mitchell
this file is wrong it doesnt contain the body meshes to play 
bullshit the fucking site is asking me to sign up so the download is faster 
then 1kb/s total fucking bullshit 
Put the folder of the mod that you downloaded into the "modules" folder 
from the mount and blade. After that open the mount and blade from the 
launcher and choice the mod that you want to play.
mat fredericks
this is is a really rushed mod.... heads pop through some helmets... all 
terrain has lava, even in forests, and the free peoples are at war with 
each other as well as mordor, and isengard... its a horrible mod by my taste
good graphics are u using enb mod or something?
oh my holy shit god man i already imagine my self wearing the badass uruk 
hai armor