Osaka's Fart Game - Azumanga Daioh

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here is the Swf File:
i dont know the author of this D:, help meh!
Chaplina Ryona
kkkkkkkkkk... Wonderful, i want to play this game!!!!!
dj rodney
i like number 2, it goes gobarrrahaaaa.
This game is retarded! Hahaha!!! XD
Chad Ramirez
Henrik Jensen
Now thats some sweet piece of ass
great find, if you find the artist behind this I'd really like to know who 
he is also, and if he's made anything else... or plans to make more related 
games in the future
Trenton Mitchell
kinda turns me on
BamaGameGirl 13
Number eight is funny
Cosmonauta .
I hate my life
undies off version is somewhat better... not really, ugh
Black Jesus
I agree
Joe Pastore
Lol....turns me on?? WTF.
The weird part of youtube?
I don't know why I clicked on this. WHY DID I CLICK ON THIS?
The funniest part about this video streaming the weird ass comments on the 
Eric from Merrick
OMG 0:42 wtf
Zachery Concepcion
Oh my gah!
ah nice game?????????????????
Hahaa! This is different!
You just know someone's fapped to this.
idk if YouTube still tells you what playlist I'm on in the comments, but I 
came here because of a playlist labelled "funny" THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!
Tacko Marcano
i know google ¬¬, my problem is the creator of this, i searched all of 
4chan ._.
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