Probably the most Retarded thing you'll ever see in a mario game

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Bored on youtube? Then watching this sure won't help. 

P.S. Successful troll video is successful, Since most ragetards won't read video descriptions, I'm just going to note that I made this video to show a friend what you could do with A mario Level creator, but when he nerd raged and called it trash, I realized it would be hilarious to watch plenty of other YouTube critics do the same. Thanks for the views though. Lmao.
Stratford Manning
MY.                                           EARS.
how to lag your computer step 1 play this level the end
made in north korea
Bromaticalpie P
...well...that was productive...ow...
SOOO gonna do this when Mario Maker comes out.
More 1Ups than Peach's cousin in Jersey Shore
Alex Müller
to much action :O
that was... uuuuh... why cant i hear anything since i listened to this 
Jack G
Super Mario Brothers Iraq Simulator.
Megi Tskhadiashvili
My mind has been blown.
Lol your friend nerd raged over this? Because you purposefully screwed 
around with an editor for gags? What a loser.
Whoever made that building program needs to get a life.
this is a product of pure boredom in my opinion...get friends
Kelsey Gallo
This Bullet Heck was made before Perfect Cherry Blossom was cool. Hipster 
FTW! ;-]
tristen trevino
Mario has a problem with calling bullets duckies? xD
Angela Chambers
God, it would take me yeeeeeears to get outta that motherfucker.
this is where you go to get rid of old headphones....
Faith Decker
ummmmmmm....... what?
Azriel Bowles
Javier Rojas
what's this game??
Ty Ply
What game is this?
Robert Laszczkowski
Vincent Unger
Gotcha! Lucky!
Welcome to "Extra Life World"
Regarding the title... yes it is...
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