[www.witts.ws] Self-Running 40kW (40,000 Watt) Fuelless Generator (1 of 3)

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http://www.witts.ws - Longer and more detailed 2.3kW demonstration of the 40kW WITTS Fuelless Generator.  This device, once started, requires no input of fuel whatsoever and derives it's power from the quantum field.  This is only one example of numerous technologies ready to be manufactured to help the earth and its people.


See http://www.witts.ws/faq for more information about WITTS, and contact us there to schedule a consultation.

World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries

More WITTS Technology Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPuH3DqP5tQ&list=PL4FA6B18F3F39E0FE
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