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norman bosch
Hello , I am looking for a project, a serious person who has already 
created a motor free energy, and could develop minimum 40KW . Thank you 
contact me by mail: I am listening to you, and I 
said this is a serious project so if we can do business , you can make 
money once the project is sold . kind regards
kara weber
I would love to get in touch with you I would love to buy one or more. 
please get in touch with me at or call me at 904 838 
4640. really interested please respond
Krash Collins
How do you get away with breaking the second law of Thermal Dynamics?
Watch the other videos on this channel or study the website.

All your questions are answered hundreds of times there. 
see website
Alter Kater
Nice to see a future millionaire.
Rusman Prasetyo
Yeach This the atlantic tecknologi,,,i believe 
jan juzwiszyn
Bravo Bravo Bravo
Tee Rak
we can produce endless amount of energy and clean water by electrolysis of 
sea water then take the hydrogen alone to high attitude where we combine it 
with atmospheric oxygen and drop the water on hydraulic generator from this 
high attitude as in dams
"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, 
and you feed him for a lifetime."
Yulian Baskoro
keep up a good work , but beware dude , government is kind of sensitive 
about this kind of thing especially an oil company . But I vote for you , I 
hope there is mobile charger using perpetual magnet generator in the future 
so I can charges my handphone anytime and anywhere  
Brijbhanu Prajapati
sir the invention you did or this generator you made i made it 7 years back 
when i used to study in 10th class but i could not reveal it due to money 
problem and my parents does not support that other i show it before you 
The sailboats and trailers would benefit from this invention to produce 
electrical power and for auxiliary propulsion system in the case of the 
Nuvadauba numele
Greetings, i am very impresed with your work. Could you make another one, 
and how much will it cost? If i want to buy one, could i come to see it in 
action? Thank you!
jan juzwiszyn
Nomad Orion
Is this associated with Creative Science & Research? Cause I am looking 
into trying to build one and hook one up in my house. I need at least 40K 
of power. I am also looking into alternative ways into fueling my 
suburban.But don't have a background on any of these devices. I will need 
Worldsciencetemple Gadhada
I have seen your video and liked it very much.
Sending you a wishes from bottom of my heart.
I think benefits of this product will spread growth of nation and world.
I want to help you in any ways...
So please send me your (address) contact and e-mail id to...
From :- "World Science Temple"
(Unity of Science & Human Religion)
1st Floor Patel AtoZ, Botad Road,
Dist : Bhavnagar, State : Gujarat,
Country : India, To. GADHADA-364750.
Phone & Fax.: +91 2847 252515,
Mobile : +91 97128 07600,
Parabatbhai M. Vaghani,
(Chairman & Scientist)
E-mail :
Web :
Ricardo Arrienda
how can we build this?
Capacitors last the same length of time as they would in any other 
application. So about 40 to 400 years. Depending on the Quality of the 
Capacitor and how close to its maximum rated voltage they are run at. 
Yes! We are happy to help you succeed! Study the entire website closely. 
God is trying to bless you!
dara mandara
great job, i tried similer but i didnt know how much the capacitors must to 
be .my generater is 10 kva 220 v mono phase 
see website. classes/plans/ gifts/ perks
Do to foul language, alien techs comments were deleted. But we still 
replied to him. Basically he is saying that only aliens are smart enough to 
make free energy& anti gravity. And that anyone who says they can do it, 
(besides him) is a scammer. LOL! This is about as ludicrous as it gets! Man 
has been putting his wheels into water and air for millennium. And getting 
free energy. Also man has been using geothermal heating and cooling for 
millenniums. (Ever hear of people who lived in caves? )